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  1. I was wondering where exactly is this restaurant Aiew Hin Pochana you mentioned on this site. Do you have a phone number for them?

    • Aranon, I am sorry for this late reply. I just found your comment in my spam file. The phone number was listed under the photo in the caption Tel: 086 9456261
      Hope this helps,

  2. hi linda,
    I’am Sandrine from Tahiti, we have a community of hakka people here in this small island in the pacific ocean. I represent the 4th of 6 generations of my familly. I love cooking chinese recipes especially hakka recipes. I learned chinese cuisine from my mother and father who cook only hakka food. Today, at home i try to cook mostly hakka food for my family. I hope young generation will not forget the tradition.
    My mother’s uncle wrote a hakka chinese cookbook “la cuisine chinoise de Tahiti”, and this book give us a strong base to our generation.
    I woul like to buy your book too and i’am sure to find some of our recipes

  3. Hi Linda .I’m Mr lim and I’m not hakka .like to know where to get the equipment to make it .appreciate if you can guide me .thanks

    • Are you asking about the equipment to make lei cha? I don’t know where to get the exact same equipment, but I believe you can use almost any heavy duty mortar and pestle. My recipes in The Hakka Cookbook, use a shortcut by using a blender to make the tea. Thanks for your interest.

  4. Hi Linda,
    So funny, I was just reading your post asking for help finding Hakka restaurants around the world and guess what I’m working on right now…a comprehensive worldwide list of Hakka Restaurants! In fact, I was so inspired after reading your cookbook, that I’ve decided to make my own website dedicated to the Hakka culture and its food. The worldwide restaurant list is one of the main components to my website, After I started researching it, I was amazed at how many I could find all around the world! Check it out and let me know if you know of any other restaurants I can add to my list.

    • Lilian, I just subscribed to your blog. So excited to see this. I tried the link for the restaurants but was unable to see list. Link did not seem active. I got very few replies from my blog post with restaurant recommendations, just a couple. Most of the other restaurants I know are ones from my book. Would love to see what you have. Perhaps I can add to the list. I think since you are based in Toronto, you will have greater access to Hakka restaurants. Good luck on the site! Linda

  5. Dear Linda,

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    We’d like to invite you to participate in the selection process by telling us your top 10 favourite cookbooks.

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    Best wishes,

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  6. Hi Linda,

    Firstly, congratulations on a wonderful piece of work…it’s been a pleasure to read and use, and a great resource for anyone with Hakka connections (or even those without for that matter!).

    I felt inspired to make Moi Choi Kiu Ngiuk for CNY using one of the recipes in the book, and wanted to write up a quick blog post about it – however, I wanted to clear some of the content with you first, as it reproduces the recipe in a slightly altered format. I’ve made the link live as below for now, but I’d appreciate it if you’d let me know whether you’re happy for this version to stand, or if there are changes you’d like to be made. Many thanks!

  7. I can recommend an excellent restaurant (two locations) in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Federick’s has the best food in the entire city. Lineups at lunch and dinner attest to this. The first restaurant opened over 20 years ago, and is located at 1920 Ellesmere Rd. Scarborough and the second is located at 160 New Delhi Drive, Unit 25, in Markham. Both restaurants are run by a couple and their family members. They are of Chinese heritage, but were raised in India, and then fortunately for us, emigrated to Canada. Charming people, as well as serving up wonderful Hakka food.

    • Marlene, Thanks for your restaurant suggestions. I may be in Toronto for the Hakka Conference this summer and may try your restaurants.

    • I had hoped it had disappeared. A few months ago I noticed it but it went away. It seems to be a bit elusive. I have seen it a few times and then when I try to get it fixed it disappears. I will work on getting rid of it. I could not see it tonight on my laptop. Thanks for letting me know.

  8. Hi Linda,

    Just wanted to express my appreciation for your well researched presentation and prepared cooking demonstration along with the delicious food samples at the Millbrae Public Library on March 4, 2015. It was delightful!

    Arden Wong

  9. Hello! I’m hoping you can contact me about doing a presentation for University of California Office of the President here in Oakland. Specifically, this would be for the Asian Pacific Islander Staff Association (APISA) for Asian Heritage Month in May or when convenient with your schedule. Please do contact me about your availability. Thank you for your kind consideration. Your cookbook looks wonderful! Angela Hom, UCOP

    • Angela, I am happy to discuss with you. I also sent you an email response. What kind of presentation are interested in? Schedule fairly open in April and May, although may be gone in late May. Linda Anusasananan 650 570 6072

  10. Hi,
    My name is Jonathan and I am the publisher of The Cleaver Quarterly. We’re a print-only magazine dedicated to covering Chinese food in all its forms through the medium of long-form journalism, photo essays, illustrations and infographics. We launched in May and Issue 3 came out at the end of last month. The reason I am writing is that we want to tell our readers the most interesting stories related to Chinese cuisine all over the world and we’d love to talk to you about your relationship with Chinese food. You can find out more about us and what we do on our social media. I really look forward to hearing back from you and seeing how we can feature you in an upcoming issue.


  11. Do you have the Hakka Recipe books that I can buy & where can I get them?
    If you sell the cook books yourself, how much are they?
    I am a Hakka from Sabah, Malaysia and now residing in Canada.


    • Buy in Canada from You can also ask your local bookstore to order. Barbara Jo’s in Vancouver BC was selling the book.
      Happy New Year!

  12. Hello Linda,
    I am from Singapore and am reading The Hakka Cookbook.
    On page 98 and in the first paragraph of A Singapore Chef Lightens Up, you quoted “Our first president, Lee Kwan Kee, a Hakka, started that. ” I think you are mistaken. The first PRIME MINISTER, not first president, was LEE KUAN YEW, not Lee Kwan Kee. This is quite a glaring error as Lee Kuan Yew is a world renowned former Prime Minister of Singapore.

    • Dear Luan Yee,
      You are correct. I missed this error in the first edition. We were able to correct it in the second printing.
      I apologize to you, Singapore, and Lee Kuan Yew for the error.

  13. Hi Linda,
    Just wondering whether you got to try hakka dishes in China, where some of the hakkas had settled, specifically around Xiamen.
    It would be interesting to find if there is any evolution for the same dishes prepared available in other parts of the world

    • KC, I did go to China and tried the Hakka food in Meizhou, Luodai (Hakka village near Chengdu), Beijing, Hong Kong. I found that sometimes the food adapted to the local area by adding new tastes, ingredients, and inventing new dishes. However, I was also surprised to find how little some dishes changed. A dish I ate in Toronto tasted like one I had in China.

  14. Good Morning Linda

    Congratulations on your book! I just saw your picture in the San Mateo Daily Journal and thought, I recognize that lady…. LOL If I buy your book will you autograph it for me ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I hope that you and your family are doing well. Miss you guys.

    Gary and Laura Battaglia

  15. Not related to the one in the book ;P

    Hi, Linda! I just got your book and felt compelled to write a thank you message. I-m in my late 20s and my family on my mom’s side is Hakka. My Akun passed away in 2005, as a true Hakka he left China for the US… passed by Hawaii (if not mistaken), spent some time in San Francisco met my Apo, who was actually a Peruvian Hakka. The both of them traveled across the world… at some point they were in China in the mid-50s, but eventually they came back and settled in Lima.

    I don’t speak a bit of Hakka… nor Cantonese… and I’ve been kind of learning Mandarin. I don’t cook either, so a bit like you, I felt quite disconnected. Thank you for writing the book. Especially that bit about the banquets your family used to have on Tuesdays- like yours, my family closes the restaurant on Mondays, and when Akun was alive, we used to gather altogether for dinner. We didn’t get to have bird’s nest, though… but meat and turnips stew is a fond memory of my childhood.

    • Amy,
      I appreciate your thoughts. After writing this book, I have met many Hakka like you and me, a bit disconnected from their roots. I find that I am not so different and they are all over the world. This book has brought many to me through social media and at book events. Thanks for kind thoughts.

  16. I have tried one or 2 of them its fab, delicious, comforting food, I never been shown how to cook hakka food….
    so you can imagine, I got the book with both hands, and with a zeal when i saw it advertised at the sun yat sen centre a couple month ago,i I promised to myself YES! that’s the book im looking for! the illustrations are easy to follow I ordered it at the it came very quickly. I hold the book very often with comfort, somebody like you did go and research and publish with help. that’s my only way of keeping in touch through food, its comforting to know that, it has also at the back of the book research websites where the articles were research im really grateful for that also to all those people whom the acknowledgements, there was a couple of pages of them. like you I felt like a stranger, when I hold the book im very comforted for it and for the knowledge it has got in it. thank you. After each meal ive done through practise,i.e going through the pages in your book, my belly feels even more comforted, and not feel hungry so soon, unlike western food, you soon feel hungry afterwards. Chinese/hakka food does make you feel fuller longer!

    • Angie, Your comments touched me. I wrote the book especially for people like you who wanted to connect with their roots. I am so glad that you appreciate the work and research I put into the project. Thanks for your kind words.
      Eat well,

  17. Hello Linda,
    Congratulations on the feature about you and your Hakka cookbook in The New York Times Magazine May 19, 2013. I have followed your career from Sunset Magazine to your new career as a cookbook author. I remember you as a classmate at Oregon State University in Home Economics.

    I now live in Salem, Oregon, and lived in Sydney, Australia, for two years in the late ’70’s. We have an OSU classmate in Sydney, Australia, who could be very helpful should you visit Australia to promote your book.

    Please contact me by e-mail if you want to get in touch.

    • Debra,
      Thanks for your comment. I can’t quite place your name but will look you up in the yearbook when I get home. Am in China now. If I ever go to Australia to promote the book I will contact you. I was just in Portland for a couple book signings.

  18. Hi from Australia
    I only discovered your Hakka cook book recently. Congratulations! I’m going to order one shortly ๐Ÿ™‚

    There are many Hakka people in Australia and I was wondering (hoping) you would visit some day soon!? Come to a small city called Darwin ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You’ve inspired me to document my mother and my grandmother’s cooking. Looking back at my childhood and even now in my adult years, we always had wonderful Hakka food on the table. How lucky were we! Thanks for bringing Hakka food and who we are, to the world stage.
    All the best,
    From an Ozzie Hakka Chinese

  19. Hi Linda,
    I borrowed your book from our local Sunnyvale library and loved it so much, that I ordered it from Amazon. From my last name, you might be able to deduce I have roots in the Mauritian Hakka community (Hakkas in Mauritius had their whole Chinese names hyphenated to become the last name). I was happy to see you had met Peter-Lee and Gladys in Toronto (my home town). Sadly, Peter passed away recently, and will be missed especially as I see he was so passionate on Hakka food!

    I was especially very happy to see you had a recipe for the steamed pork and vegetable balls, which in Mauritius is known as boulettes chou-chou or in Hakka, “niouk-nianne”. I’ve made it a few times, the last time being the most successful, but I’m happy to see in your book there are some ingredients I forgot about, but will now try again in my quest to relive the flavors of my youth.

    My only small complaint was the lack of photos of the dishes! It would be nice to confirm visually if I was successful. It would be great if you could add a few to your web site.

    Thanks again, for a great book, and a good opportunity to share my culture with my family. I’ll be doing that this year with your wonderful work!


    • Victor,
      I am glad that you enjoy the book. I, too, was very sad to hear about Peter’s death. He was so helpful introducing me to the Hakka community in Toronto. My publisher is non-profit. Color photos are very expensive for the publisher and it was not in their budget. I would have loved to have had my brother’s art in 4 color, but that also was not in the budget. However, I thought they did a good job with the design and the color they used. It is very difficult to find a publisher. Many will not invest big money in a new author. Your idea about including more photos in my blog is good.

  20. Dear Linda,

    Thank you for an interesting blog. My name is Karen and I am a British-born Hakka-Mauritian. I have just ordered your cookbook from Amazon UK and look forward to receiving it soon!

    I have set up a new website at which is still under construction, but intends to be a resource for the Hakka Mauritian diaspora around the world. I recently visited our ancestral hometown in Meixian/Moiyan/Moiyen for the first time and wish to do my bit to promote Hakka culture. To this end, I would be very pleased if you might allow me to link your blog to my website under the ‘Food’ section. With warm regards, Karen.

    • Carol, Have sent you a couple of emails. I am on West coast, PST, probably missed you. Can talk tomorrow. Best time to catch me is in morning, before 11:30 PST.

  21. I would love to try the noodle dishes from your cookbook that were published in this month’s Sunset magazine….but I can’t eat gluten. Are there any gluten-free noodles in particular that you would recommend for using with Hakka food? Thanks!

    • Try rice noodles, either thin or wide. May take less time to cook. Look for gluten free soy sauce such as tamari however you may need less because it could be saltier and stronger.

        • I haven’t tested my suggestions but they should work. Try the dried rice noodles that are about 1/4 inch wide, make sure you don’t over cook, start checking at 3 minutes. My guess is 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse well, they stick more than wheat noodles. Since most soy sauce contains wheat, read label carefully.

  22. I am happy to receive this book as a birthday present from my sister. My family is Hakka that immigrated to Jamaica. One of my favorite dishes my Mom prepared is the oyster wrapped with the minced pork which and then wrapped with pork belly skin (they are like long meatballs). Do you know of that dish? Its called “hou shee” I would love the receipe for that one.

    • I don’t know this dish. I may ask some Jamaican Hakkas if they know how to make it. There is also a Jamaican Hakka Facebook group. I may post your request there too.

      • Linda,

        Thanks for the quick response. The oysters are special ones. It is sold in stores on a stick. Its not the regular dried oyster that you will find selling on the curbside.

        • I posted your query in FB group Chinese Jamaicans and got this comment:

          I remember that dish… My daddy cook that at special occasion..young how see in to eat that again

          • My Hakka Po Po in Hawaii made oyster rolls: minced dried oysters & ground pork, rolled up in caul fat and deep fried. I think my Gung Gung brought the dried oysters back from Oyster Bay near the ancestral village in Chung Shan.

          • Someone else also mentioned oyster rolls although I believe they used a different wrapper. Your version sounds very good.

  23. Hello Linda!

    I’ve been eagerly sharing news of the cookbook w/Hakka and non-Hakka friends alike. Its beautiful. You probably get this all the time from food lovers, but I’m hoping you could share a resource or one pearl of wisdom for young AAPIs who are not professional food writers by trade, but are still looking to launch a cookbook project. This book was especially inspirational to me as it is parallel to my dreams around Filipino/American culinary traditions. Much appreciation!


    • Aileen, Thanks for your compliments and spreading the word about The Hakka Cookbook. For help writing about food check out Will Write for Food by Dianne Jacob. She offers lots of good information. She also has a blog which offers lots of helpful tips. Good luck on your book. I look forward to reading it in the future.

  24. I saw that I just missed your book signing event. So bummed. Will you be doing any more signings in the Bay Area before the holidays? I would love to get a personalized copy for a gift. Thanks.

    • There may be signed copies available at the Wok Shop and Omnivorve books in SF.
      Monday, 12/10 I will be selling and signing books at an ACCT dinner at All Season Restaurant on Diamond in SF. If interested in going to the Chinese banquet let me know and I will check to see if there is still space. Otherwise perhaps you can drop by to get a book. I will be there from about 5 pm. Probably will be signing books around 5:20.

  25. Very excited by this. I’m picking up 2 copies tomorrow – 1 for me and 1 for my uncle! There are 2 recipes that I don’t see listed in the index that I’m wondering if you know how to make – rice roll with scallions and dumplings (shui jiao). There was a Hakka restaurant in New York City that served those – they’ve since shut down.

    • Can you describe them? Are they separate or together? Are the rice rolls thin sheets of rice flour pasta studded with green onions, steamed and rolled? Describe the dumplings. These recipes aren’t in my book, but maybe I can find for you. I think I have seen the rice roll recipe.

  26. Just got my cookbook, at last! Absolutely wonderful, Linda. Does not disappoint. Thank you so much for caring about this topic. Every Hakka needs one in their library, and non-Hakkas should read and learn about the rich Hakka food culture around the world. Congratulations!

  27. my cousin passed this along to us. I very much enjoyed your article. You, and other very talented Hakka make me proud to be one! I wish you every success!

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